45 things

1 Feb
  1. Run the San Antonio Half Marathon in 2 hours, 45 minutes
  2. Read 10 books
  3. Rock the hell out of the GMAT
  4. Apply to B school
  5. Lose those last pesky 30 pounds
  6. Go on a solo trip
  7. Call my mom at least twice a week
  8. Run the Cap 10K
  9. Visit Enchanted Rock
  10. Run one 5K a month
  11. Cook dinner once a week
  12. Visit C in Albuquerque
  13. Start scrapbooking again
  14. Learn to crochet or knit (still confused on the difference between them)
  15. Get laser hair removal
  16. Canoe at Lady Bird Lake
  17. Visit Lost Maples State Park in the fall
  18. Walk my dog at least 5 times a week
  19. Try one new thing in the Austin area every month
  20. Put up frames on the door near the guest room as shown in picture 16 here: http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/04/its-done-and-we-heart-it/
  21. Create a gallery wall in the dining room of my favorite travel photos as shown in picture 3 here: http://www.decorchick.com/the-new-living-room-wall/
  22. Redo my bedroom
  23. Restain the kitchen cabinets
  24. Fix up the front yard landscaping
  25. Repaint the old desk
  26. Organize the garage
  27. Go to the movies once a month
  28. Eat at one new restaurant/food trailer once a month
  29. Hang out with girlfriends more
  30. Accessorize more
  31. Be more romantic (praying that I get this chance!!!)
  32. Diversify my portfolio
  33. Run at least 3 times a week
  34. Get into yoga
  35. Be less anxious
  36. Make just because I’m thinking of you cards and send them to family and friends
  37. Do NaNoWriMo
  38. Get to work by 8:30 AM
  39. Visit Paris and London and don’t wallow in the last Paris trip
  40. Become decent at biking
  41. Become decent at swimming
  42. Jump into Barton Springs pool in the heat of summer
  43. Learn to walk in heels
  44. Go to Las Vegas
  45. Bring lunch to work 3 times a week

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