What I Like About Me

31 Jul

Last week our homework assignment for the divorce recovery class was to write down 20 things we like about ourselves. There was some hemming and hawing, and even this week we joked that it would be easier to write 20 things we did not like about ourselves. I said I could do 20 in 5 minutes and keep going. 

After we discussed why it’s so hard for us like ourselves, we read our lists in front of the class. I have to admit, I had a huge grin on my face while everyone read his/her list. I even found myself identifying with other items people read. It was such a confidence-building exercise. I highly encourage you to write your own list because it is such a good tool for making you realize that you are awesome.

Here’s my list of stuff I like about myself:

  1. I’m quite driven.
  2. I’m a good writer.
  3. My relationship with my family.
  4. I’m a good problem solver.
  5. My lips and my smile.
  6. I’m a pretty great friend.
  7. That I’m trying to turn this divorce into a new beginning.
  8. I’m very open and accepting.
  9. My sense of humor.
  10. I’m an excellent editor.
  11. My newfound sense of adventure.
  12. My belief that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally.
  13. My shoe size.
  14. I’m very tactful.
  15. That I don’t freak out about everything anymore.
  16. My love of travel.
  17. My compassion for others.
  18. I’m a good cook.
  19. My imagination.
  20. My practicality.

Some of the other stuff I copied when others were reading:

I’m grateful, loyal, creative and crafty, positive, and reliable; I can take care of myself; my positivity and humility; and I’m willing to learn from my mistakes.

It was such a good night in class. I am amazed at how we — folks who were strangers just 5 or 6 weeks ago — are taking this journey together and how we are really moving forward together. I’ve seen such wonderful changes in my classmates. One man who rarely spoke smiles now. He has a beautiful smile, and it’s awesome to see it. Another woman who could barely speak above a whisper is now showing her fun and sassy side. She is so hilarious; I love seeing this side of her personality. 

Our facilitator reminded us to be kind to ourselves. She reminded us of a quote we learned on the first day: “You don’t have to believe everything you think.”


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