7 Oct

SA – For letting me stay at their house the second I heard the news. For walking my dog for me. For getting license plate lights. For letting me borrow his wife for hours on end.

SFA – For nearly canceling her vacation with her husband to stay with me. Letting me vent at all hours. Texting me. Hugging me. Feeding me.

EC and RV – For letting me stay at their house and letting me bring my dog. Giving me the best hugs in the world. Talking me through what I should ask for. EC – fixing my computer.

MF – For being my mom. For sticking around, even through my ugliest.

CN – For coming and staying with me and making my house immaculate.

JF – For being my dad and for his email. For the beautiful words he said to me.

MF – For being my amazing baby brother and always making me laugh.

GV – For lending me her professional counseling ear.

ABG – For being there from the absolute beginning. Letting me hug her baby. Letting me stay at her house. Talking on the phone with me for hours on end.

WB – For not hesitating for a second when I asked her if she could stay the night with me the first night I got back from my sister’s.

CV – For driving a bazillion hours to spend a long weekend with me.

JP and DP – For having me over to their house every week to watch one of my favorite shows. For feeding me. For diagnosing my car problems.

RP – For telling me that it didn’t matter what she was doing at the moment, she’d drop it because I was more important. Bringing me chocolate. Getting my girlfriends to sign a sweet card of encouragement.

TC – For taking me to lunch, for giving me hugs.

LA – For being my divorce-partner-in-crime, for letting me vent, for being an unbelievable sister-in-law, both before and after the divorce.

BP – For letting me store my memories at her house.

AR – For talking on the phone with me for hours at nights when I couldn’t sleep, despite the fact that we hadn’t talked in about 14 years.


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