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Just. Write.

1 Sep

Andrew Sullivan is my go-to guy for news and politics. Each summer he takes a break and has guest bloggers write. As I was browsing his site over lunch a few weeks ago, I came across a piece written by one of his guests, a Dish intern named Phoebe Maltz Bovy. I was immediately drawn to her writing style and was soon Google stalking researching for more information about her. She has written tons of stuff for very smart sites and has a Ph.D in French Studies from NYU. Swoon, right? Once I read her own blog, my latest girl crush was set. I may not agree with all of her views, but I love her passion and wit. 

Even though it’s not nice to be envious of my crush, I was. I wondered how awesome it would be write a dissertation about 19th century anything at an Ivy league school and have coherent thoughts published on places like The Atlantic. How did you do it, Phoebe? Tell me all of your secrets.

A few days later, the answer came to me. You simply write. If you want to write, then you just do it. You don’t have to write for a fancy-pants site or go to a fancy-pants school. You practice and you write. We can’t all be Junot Diaz, but we can certainly keep writing.